Marmara University Distance Education Application and Research

Marmara University is one of Turkey's biggest universities with undergraduate, graduate and several certificate programs both in formal education and distance learning. The university provides distance education services to tens of thousands of students. As a result, there was a distance education center that faced a huge operational workload.

Our Projects

In Advancity;

  • The workload was brought to almost zero by reducing procedures at the beginning of the semester and ensuring the integration of the student affairs,
  • Support was provided both for formal education and for distance education programs for associate degree and postgraduate programs,
  • On-site installation and support is provided,
  • The servers are monitored,
  • ALMS and Perculus software is used.


For Advancity, this project was one of the best examples of how the implementation of formal and distance education programs would be possible in a single integration with the solutions it offered.

With Advancity, you can contact us to write your own success story.


You can also write your own success story with Advancity.