Çukurova University e-MBA program

Çukurova University Institute of Social Sciences wanted to establish an e-MBA Program. For this program, without taking any technical and human resources support from within or the university it is affiliated with, it realized the e-MBA Program by getting only the services from Advancity

Our Projects

In Advancity;

  • The virtual classes were organized, content production and teacher support were given,
  • Education programs were created in four sub-branches,
  • The year it was established, it was opened with an occupancy rate of 90%,
  • Digital marketing support was provided,
  • In the cloud ALMS and Perculus software was used,
  • Today, with 250 students, without any support from the university and the institute, it develops itself even more every year and continues its existence in a strong manner.


For Advancity, this project was one of the most important collaborations in which it started distance education by providing all kinds of technical and software support in institutions without technical team.

With Advancity, you can contact us to write your own success story.


You can also write your own success story with Advancity.