Income generating solutions for Continuing Education Centers.

Income generating solutions for Continuing Education Centers.

The Company provides distance education and in-class training programs for individuals and students. It also offers orientation training, occupational safety training, language training and computer training for its academic and administrative staff.

Advancity develops the academic institutions' software, with the projects it conducts with them. In this way, you can also orient our products. Support is provided late into the night by our staff who know the software. Besides, all our software is domestic and national.

We can add distance education to your profit centers as a continuing education center with a ready-to-use infrastructure, content and win-win principle and present them to the market together.

Arrangement of Distance Education and In-Class Collaborative Learning Programs.

  • Corporate Training
  • Individual Training
  • Student Training

Education Programs for University Academic and Administrative Staff.

  • Orientation Training
  • Occupational Safety Training
  • Language Training
  • Computer Training


Leader in Academic Software Solutions

Today, with all its products, Advancity is the leader by landslide in the market as the mostly preferred institution by universities using distance education solutions.

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