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Solutions that support Formal Education students

Using our ready-made content and infrastructure, you can provide 5i service courses online and establish communication between formal teaching students and instructors.

Advancity develops the academic institutions' software, with the projects it conducts with them. In this way, you can also orient our products. Support is provided late into the night by our staff who know the software. Besides, all our software is domestic and national.

Providing communication between formal education students and instructors.

If you're not leaning towards communicating with students through Facebook, mailing lists, and whatsapp groups during the period, you can let all instructors communicate with their students on a single platform.

In this way, we help you follow all announcements, lecture notes, presentations, documents and exam results of the students from a single platform.

Compatible with the Council of Higher Education regulations

Ensures compliance with the Council of Higher Education requirements.

Full Support

Shares Distance Education Center's support load

Workload Sharing

Solves the problem of complex and intensive workload created by exams on institutions.

Real Savings

Saves time and money.

Campus-wide exam organization.

Helps you avoid the burden of doing operations between Excel files while organizing common classes and finals


Eliminates the need to use Excel.

Centralized management.

Combines operations performed in different systems in one system.

Reduces errors.

Reduces errors caused by human factor.

Real Savings.

Saves time, money and space.

Leader in Academic Software Solutions

Today, with all its products, Advancity is the leader by landslide in the market as the mostly preferred institution by universities using distance education solutions.

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