Live distance education virtual classroom platform

Live distance education virtual classroom platform.

It is a virtual classroom platform that enables live distance education through computers and mobile devices. Video and voice calls can be made using the camera and microphone of your mobile and desktop device.


Perculus+ enables you to receive live education without using any add-ons in all modern browsers through fully open source code software. Perculus+ provides significant improvements in video quality and screen sharing quality. It works on mobile devices without necessitating any applications. WithPerculus+, now virtual classes are much easier.

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Virtual Classroom Perculus

Why choose Perculus?

Perculus offers a unique online meeting experience with its many features. You can share videos and audios, work on your documents and make presentations by using the camera and microphone of your device through the Perculus system in online trainings with your colleagues, students, customers or dealers. Many other features like this are offered to you with standard modules in Perculus.

With its easy management interfaces, Perculus offers you the convenience of launching live sessions, inviting exhibitors, and having user management opportunities.

Audio and Video Call.

You can make video and voice calls using the camera and microphone of either your mobile or desktop device.

Voice and Video Calls in Virtual Classroom Perculus
Presentation Sharing in Virtual Classroom Perculus

Presentation Sharing.

You can share all files with any extension, including Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Adobe PDF files, as well as all kinds of pictures (jpg, png, gif), videos (flv), and animation files (swf). On these files, all participants can work together, take notes and draw using the relevant tools.

Perculus's unique tabbed whiteboard allows you to switch between presentations with one click, opening any number of presentations on separate tabs.

Common Writing Board.

The whiteboard, which is the indispensable element of the trainings, is presented as a standard feature in Perculus. You will experience the comfort and ease of expressing your ideas by drawing and writing. By means of this feature, other participants will be able to see your writings and drawings easily, and take an active role in this process.

Its most important feature compared to the normal board is that it allows you to draw and write on the picture or presentation by placing any file, presentation or picture on it. You can also draw shapes and rotate and move them.

Common Writing Board in Virtual Classroom Perculus
SInstant Chat on Virtual Classroom Perculus

Instant Messaging (Chat).

Participants without a camera and a microphone can also express themselves in Perculus by writing. Thanks to its property of sending private messages, they can even exchange private correspondence with other participants.


One of the biggest problems experienced especially in virtual educations is that the participants have problem focusing. In order to keep the attendance of the participants alive, they are asked to conduct periodic surveys and send feedback, thus providing an interactive participation.

Moreover, you can also report how long it takes for the respondents to answer the questions in the surveys.

Survey in the Virtual Classroom Perculus
Screen Sharing in Virtual Classroom Perculus

Screen Sharing.

When making your presentation, your documents may not be sufficient in that field. Perculus screen sharing tool allows you to easily switch to another screen.

In accordance with the Council of Higher Education regulations.

It provides an educational environment in accordance with the Council of Higher Education's virtual classroom regulations.


When you want to watch the sessions again, it allows you to watch it on every platform via video.

Roll call.

Allows you to form roll call reports.


Integrates with education systems.

Installation is not required.

You can easily use it via your browser installed on the computer or mobile device.
Camera Opening Feature
Roll Call
PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Video Sharing
Replay Session
Interactive Student Participation


Integrated with Enocta.

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