Corporate video publishing and reporting system

Corporate video publishing and reporting system.

Brings you the advantage of sharing your videos with your students, customers, dealers and employees without putting any burden on your organization's IT infrastructure. Reports how much the video is watched by whom.

Another product that Advancity has fully developed is ATUBE software, which is a corporate platform that enables video content sharing.

Customized solutions.

You can run ATUBE, which can be accessed with passwords that you create, integrated with CRM, Human Resources or Exchange (Active Directory) systems.

Corporate Customized Video Platform Software
Corporate Video Platform Software Accessible From Any Platform

Access From Any Platform.

With the web and mobile compatible portal, you can access videos from any platform without having to install any applications, and the quality of the video is automatically adjusted according to your Internet speed.

For different purposes.

You can publish and report your videos via ATUBE for many purposes such as training, marketing and support.

Corporate Video Platform Software
Corporate Video Platform Software for All Stakeholders

For all Stakeholders.

With ATUBE, you can create channels for all your customers, business partners, dealers and employees you want to share videos with and share your videos with confidence.

Organize the Contents Easily.

Organize your content under channels and assign different administrators to each channel to organize the content.

Corporate Video Platform Software to Easily Organize Content
Cloud Based Corporate Video Platform Software

Cloud Based.

You can immediately start your video portal without being connected to your IT department. It is possible to share your videos with your customers, dealers and employees without putting any burden on your company's IT infrastructure.

Time management

Allows people to reach videos with limited time.

Corporate access.

Allows access only to corporate users.

Professional reporting.

Adds questions to videos, reports by whom and how long the video has been watched.


Allows videos to be shared with the intended audience.
Creating watchlists
Creating channels
Channel Managemen
Comment and like option
Adding video from an external source


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