Organization and management system of in-class exams

Organization and management system of in-class exams.

Organization and management system of in-class exams. Prevents mistakes caused by human element.

ASOYS undertakes your workload at every stage of your exam organization.

Exam Preparation Period.

  • Formation of the question bank.
  • Creating personalized question booklets.

ASOYS-  Exam Preparation Period Screenshot
ASOYS Assignment and Determination of Halls Process Screen Screenshot

Assignment and Determination of Halls Process.

  • Registration and assignment of staff in charge of the building, the hall, etc.
  • Assignment acceptance and rejection procedures.
  • Printing of all the documents such as name badges and entry documents.

After the exam.

  • Objection to the questions.
  • Question cancellations.
  • Transfer of optical form data and score calculations.
  • Viewing the answers to the questions.
  • Sending results to student automation.

ASOYS Post-Exam Screenshot


Eliminates the need to use Excel.

Centralized management.

Combines operations performed in different systems in one system.

Reduces errors.

Reduces errors caused by human factor.

Real Savings.

Saves time, money and space.
Assignment solutions
Question bank forming
Booklet printing
Answer sheet printing
Classroom planning
ASOYS was developed in cooperation with İnönü University

With İnönü University.

Advancity exhibited the best example of private sector university cooperation, determined the need and developed ASOYS (Academic Exam Automation System), a revolutionary product for the e-academic world, with İnönü University.


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