University Timeline System

Prevents students, lecturers and classrooms from overlapping by planning the courses and class distributions of universities at the beginning of the semester and at the time of exams.

Thanks to the intelligent algorithms of APLAN, you can easily do the planning process that normally takes days. You can easily transfer information from your automation system to APLAN, then you can define your constraints and choose the most appropriate solution from the smart algorithms. You can make edits on the solution you choose, again according to the constraints you entered. At every stage of the process, APLAN warns you of errors.

For all your time planning needs.

APLAN is your best friend in the course delivery and exam planning.

Course delivery at the beginning of semester is now very easy.

Don't bother with Excel files, let APLAN intelligent algorithms do it for you.

Go beyond rule 1-3, 2-4.

Help students take the minimum number of exams each day during the exam period. Adapt to instructor and classroom constraints.

University-based planning, not faculty-based.

Plan the entire university, not just your own faculty, thus putting an end to the exam conflicts of guest students.

How to Use APLAN?


Transfer Information

  • Transfer lecturers
  • Transfer courses
  • Transfer students and supervisors for exams
  • Transfer classrooms

Enter Constraints

  • Course A requires a 100-person laboratory.
  • Course A can only be done in these classrooms.
  • You need two supervisors for class B.
  • Lecturer C comes only on Tuesday.
  • Lecturer A asks for a supervisor.
  • The theoretical part of course B requires 30-person classrooms and the practical part requires a 30-person laboratory.

Customize Solutions

You can see the alternative distributions and you can make changes by manually intervening after the solution.

Transfer from automation system, plan

Transfer from student automation to APLAN and again transfer planning results back to your automation system.

Be just in distributing supervisors

You can simplify their lives by planning their supervisor's needs fairly.

Plan according to the day constraints of lecturers

Prevent chaos from taking into account the time and day constraints of lecturers in all kinds of planning.

Arrange the exams of the same course in adjoining classrooms

Plan classes of different branches of the same course side-by-side so that lecturers can take care of all classes without losing time.

Transfer distribution information to ASOYS and plan the booklets of the exams

Plan the physical and logistic part of the exam by integrating the exam schedule prepared with APLAN with ASOYS.


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