ALMS, Formal and distance learning management system for universities

Formal and distance learning management system for universities

Meets all communication and sharing needs of teaching staff and students for formal and distance education. Works easily on any mobile device without the need for extra software. Provides solutions to the complex and intensive workload problem created by examinations on institutions.

Developed by Advancity, it is a totally domestic academic education management system that meets all communication and sharing needs of instructors and students for formal and distance learning.

ALMS, which is preferred by 120 organizations , including 60 distinguished higher education institutions of Turkey, is the most popular academic learning management system of our country with its 800.000 active users .

Parallel to the developments in the global software field, it offers the most advanced software technologies to its users from the design to the code architecture, from content to cloud infrastructure.

Besides being an asynchronous software, ALMS is also integrated with synchronous live class applications. Works easily on any mobile device with internet connection without requiring any extra software.

Examination System.

Offers an advanced online exam experience with a wide range of question types. During the intensive exam periods, exams can be monitored and support can be given with the exam management screens. After the exams questions can be cancelled, compensation exams can be arranged.

ALMS Exam System Screenshot
ALMS Smart Video Screenshot

Smart Video.

You can add questions on your video content and give feedback. When you give a wrong answer, you can rewind the relevant second of the video and stop it from continuing without giving the correct answer.


You can start the semester with minimum effort as it can be easily integrated with the student affairs software. During the course dropout periods, students' courses are automatically updated. At the end of the semester, you can transfer the grades to student affairs automation.

ALMS Integration Screenshot
ALMS Branch Structure Screenshot

Branch Structure.

If the same course has many branches, you can do centralized content management. Each instructor can add additional activities to his / her own branch, manage virtual classes and perform all the operations related to the branch.

Communication Opportunities.

Provides many different communication opportunities such as announcements, messages and forums. Offers them course-wide, branch-wide, department-wide, faculty-wide or university-wide.

ALMS Communication Opportunities Screenshot

Compatible with the Council of Higher Education regulations

Ensures compliance with the Council of Higher Education requirements.

Full Support

Shares UZEM's support load.

Workload Sharing

Solves the problem of complex and intensive workload created by exams on institutions.

Real Savings

Saves time and money.
Exam solutions
Smart video solutions
Preparing a wide range of educational activities
Communication between the organization and users


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