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100% Domestic

Advancity has become the first company in Turkey to offer a purely domestic software intended for academic problems and as a result to receive Domestic Goods Certificate in its field.

About Us

Advancity was founded in 1999 to operate in the field of e-learning. By turning fully to the field of distance education in 2004, it has presented successful solutions in this category. Nowadays, by focusing on the academic sector, it has specialized in this field and developed important software.

Advancity has become the first company in Turkey to offer a purely domestic software intended for academic problems and as a result to receive Domestic Goods Certificate in its field.

Advancity gained a new impetus with its new partnership in 2018. Founder and leader brand of e-learning sector,Enocta, partnered with Advancity.

Thanks to this investment and cooperation, Advancity offers faster, more high-quality and richer products and services for the academic sector together with Turkey's leading learning technologies company, Enocta, which was also founded in 1999.

Both brands complement their product and service range with each other's strong products and services, offering more diversified and more high-quality solutions to the institutions they serve. Backed by Enocta's expertise, products, investment and financial power with this investment, Advancity aims to become a brand that has a say in the world by growing in the academic software category both at home and abroad. After this investment, Enocta will carry Advancity's know-how, products and services in universities and academic fields to the institutions where it provides solutions.

Advancity, the market leader by a landslide with all its products, is the most preferred company in today's universities that use distance learning solutions.

Advancity serves with two offices in Istanbul and Sakarya Technopark.


We are moving forward with determined steps to become Turkey's leading education software producer. In the following section, you will see our story of transition from service-oriented software to product-oriented software development in Turkey. Now it is our most important goal to move our products to international markets.

Distance Learning Adventure Begins with Scorm Player

Distance Learning Adventure Began

Distance Learning Adventure Began with SCORM Player. Distance learning software was exported for the first time with SCORM API production.

The First Virtual Classroom Perculus was Born

The First Virtual Classroom was Born

The first application that would form the basis of Virtual ClassroomPerculus was developed.

We started to work together with Sakarya University for Distance Education.

A joint study was held with Sakarya University, one of the most important academic institutions in distance education in Turkey.

We Opened Our First Office in Sakarya Technocity

Sakarya Technocity

Advancity opened its first office in Sakarya Teknocity .

Academic LMS was published entirely with the contribution of Turkish engineers.

The distance education management system Academic LMS was published entirely with the contribution of Turkish engineers.

Our Distance Learning Software attracted great attention in the academic world.

Advancity, which specialized in Distance Education and became increasingly recognized, made a very significant move in the academic world with its educational management software (LMS ) and Virtual Classroom Software Perculus .

Academic LMS Product Name Changed to ALMS


LMS was named ALMS with a brand new code structure and interface design and became Advancity's flagship.

A Record in Distance Education: 250,000 Users

Advancity reached 250,000 active users in more than 70 institutions with its solutions, services, and products from A to Z in distance education.

A Record in Distance Education: 500,000 Users

Advancity products again reached a record number of 500,000 active users.

Two New Products to the Academic World: ASOYS and ATUBE

Focusing increasingly on academic education, Advancity joined forces with ENOCTA and began to serve ENOCTA academic customers as well. Enocta catalog was made available to the universities.

Two more brand new products from Advancity for the academic world: ASOS exam organization system and ATUBE video system.

Advancity Renewed Its Logo and Corporate Identity

It transformed its cooperation made with ENOCTA in 2017 into a merger process and partnered with ENOCTA. View news

It renewed its logo and corporate identity.

Our Management Team

Our biggest goal is to open abroad with our experienced management team, who have devoted themselves to distance education and software, keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive all the time.

Career Opportunities

Founded in 1999, our company, one of the leading IT groups in Turkey with its customer-oriented service quality, has been achieving a lot of success since the first day of its establishment. We aimed to offer our services with total quality and high responsibility in connection with the customer in the best way to increase the lifetime value of the customer.

Internship Opportunities

Advancity welcomes interns every year for its long-term software and support units. If you want to improve yourself in software and support and do a long-term internship, please contact us.


Leader in Academic Software Solutions

Today, with all its products, Advancity is the leader by landslide in the market as the mostly preferred institution by universities using distance education solutions.

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